Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kevin Tailslides On The 5 Year Plan!!!

Dustin and Kevin told me to come out early for a aerobatic session but I passed as it was a little windy and not up for it. As I got to the airport I was notified that kevin just tumbled trying to loop his new T2. I wait for a first hand report from kevin as he rolls back up to the airport with a bloody nose. He said that he pulled in built up speed and eased out into a perfect loop as he came out of the first one he pulled in to do another one and it appears that he may have got to much speed and did kind of a high speed stall rounding out. He then pulled back in and let VG off but it was too late he tumbled forward and broke his keel. He through out his chute and as he was upside down the deployment bag got caught on the trailing edge. He said instead of trying to untangle it he thought he would toss his 2nd chute toward the nose of the glider and this one opened with out a problem. He came down slow and said that he could even steer the glider into the wind for a soft touchdown. He now realized I do!!!!That he lost his helmet when the bar hit him in the face, ummm I think he wore the same helmet that I do!!! The good news is he is safe and sound and just has a big nose well just slightly bigger than normal.. He will not fly today but might return to the sky's tomorrow.. He was using to Conair 18 parachutes in his new Rotor harness which he said they came out super easy..