Saturday, August 13, 2005

T2 Wins One Day

Here is a picture I took of Dustin landing the other day at the airport. Well we set a 89 mile downwind task as the wind was 10-15 knts. The conditions were blue early so there was not a huge rush to launch. Almost no one started untill the 2nd last clock at 2:45pm, and then there were a handful of us that started at 3:00pm. I was the highest on the last start with andreas, mike, kraig, glen and robin all a little lower. I passed up a weak climb and pushed on toward a big cloud street. I was rewarded with 700 up to 7,000 ft asl and the others soon joined me and we all glided downwind for about 15 miles with out turning. Kraig and I passed up a 400 up looking for something better but got low and had to find another 3-400 up. The others stopped behind and were now flying high over us heading for the gaggle that started at 2:45pm. 10 miles later I caught back up but now we were at the end of the clouds and were faced with some wispy cu's but mostly blue for the last 30 miles to goal. Glen and I headed more to the west and Andreas some 500 feet higher started heading to the east untill he saw us more to the west and quickly detoured back to us. I was in front a little and glen hit a climb behind me so I turned back and came in below the gaggle now 25 miles out. The climbs were only 200 up at best so no one was keen to push on as we were not getting high either. Andreas,bubba and glen pushed on downwind as they were 1000 feet higher. I stayed and watched them carefully to see how they were going. Glen called 500 up so we quickly raced downwind and climbed up from low still 15 miles out. Andreas was on top then bubba and glen just below him, then robin was about 500 feet above me and kraig was just below. We all went on final kraig and I much lower than the others but we still made it easy. There were 25 pilots to make goal and lots of personal best all round. lots of happy people this morning at the breifing. For the results check the link above.