Monday, August 01, 2005

Texas Spot Landing

Well after some slight animosity from some pilots they decided on one flight closest to the spot winner takes all... After a fun filled day of flying and chatting to friendly locals there ended up only being 3 pilots left for the comp. The first pilot nearly got the spot but landed on his belly and the 2nd pilot landed less than 30 feet out perfectly.. I saw this from the air and knew that I would have to do better to get the big prize money.. After some loops and spins I went into ground effect it was not until the last part that I thought I would undershoot so I stayed in prone very close to the ground and flared and managed to get my feet out somehow.. I landed perfect about 15 feet out from the spot and am now 1,500 dollars richer. Well I actually gave the other 2 pilots some money cause I felt guilty taking it all.. It was a great event and there were a lot of town folk that came and had tandem instructional flights or simply came to have a chat and look around.. I would like to thank all involved for such a great event and look forward to returning next year for a fun filled weekend of flying..