Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Big Spring Day 3

Today we set a 76 mile(123kms) downwind task to the north west. The weather was predicted for 10-15 knts SE wind with light lift and cloudbase 4,000 ft agl. the day started off with small wispy cu's so the time was delayed 30 mins to allow conditions to improve. Most of the flexwings did the first start except for paris, Dustin and Phil Bloom who did the 2nd. The first start gaggle of about 35 pilots all headed off down the course line following a little cloud street that soon ended about 15 miles out. This is where the gaggle split up into several different ones as the conditions became weak and low. I was now flying with Kraig,Robin,Glen,bubba,and Kevin. We all started to struggle and soon 1-200 up was a great climb and if you got higher than 2,000ft agl you felt high. I was pushing hard despite the low ceiling and shitty climbs trying to to get to a working cloud. It soon appeared that the clouds were just not working that well due to a inversion around 2,000 ft. Every now and again we would break through and have a strong climb to 3,500ft agl. As we approached the half way point there was now only our team together being Kraig,Robin,Glen and me who had broke away from the talon 2 boys. There was now a blue hole straight in front of us so kraig and Robin went towards a cloud to the left of course line that did not work then cut back into the blue and Robin hit a 300 up. I came in just above Robin and now Kraig was very low below us scratching around, while a crop duster was flying around him trying to spray the field he was over at 300 ft. Robin and I topped out and headed off down the course line towards some good looking clouds. We hit a good one and Glen who had hung back a little earlier now was gliding in below us and kraig was still getting back up from his low save few miles back. This turned out to be the highest thermal of the day getting 4,300 ft agl and also one of the strongest. Robin and I kept pushing on getting some light climbs trying to stay high. Kraig was now lower and behind and tried to catch up to us and hit the deck 18 miles short. About 15 miles out Robin push on alone and I hung back trying to get high but it did not work out so well. I was now with Glen just a little lower heading towards Robin that had marked a climbed but as we got closer he left it and went left for another cloud. I was now higher than both of them and decided to keep going straight line for goal for a cloud that soon died in front of my eyes. I then detoured hard right for a cloud that rewarded me with a 6-700 up thermal which was just strong enough to get me back in front of Robin on final despite the detour I had to take. I will be the first flexwing to goal in 2hrs 29 mins closely followed by Robin and glen a few minutes later. 11 pilots make goal and seven of them are litespeeds..