Friday, August 12, 2005

Dustin Kicks Ass

Here are a couple of pictures I took on task today. Well the task was set with a 100 kms triangle as the winds were supposed to be light. Most of the field did the first start except for Dustino and a few others. Kraig, phil bloom and I were out in front on the way to the first TP getting light climbs to 5500 ft asl. As we rounded the first TP were faced with a 15 knt crosswind for the next 30 kms to the 2nd TP. Phil landed 4 miles short of the 2nd meanwhile Kraig hit a 300 upwind of course so Glen and I joined him and topped out to 6,000 ft asl. We then went on glide and rounded the 2nd TP then now had to face a strong headwind. We now had the company of a couple of rigid wings to fly with not that they were helping us out at all, I think they were happier than we were. About 25 miles out from goal dustin catches up but is now a little lower and we leave him behind pushing ahead low. As we struggle to find good lift so that we dont drift back to much I see dustin come in high over head after getting through the sheer and up to base some 2,000 ft higher than we had been getting. Dustin went more crosswind on the next glide and Glen followed him and Kraig and I went straight for goal but got drilled. dustin and glen hit a strong climbed downwind of us and once again broke through and were gone and left us scratching in light lift. After drifting for a while our thermal finally kicked and we broke through for the first time getting to 7,300ft asl 12 miles out from goal. By now Dustin, Glen and Mikey who we did not see are already on final for goal. We needed one more climb and then went on final, Kraig hit some good lift to my right but I kept going and had to slow up at the end and he slipped past me as he thought we were in 1st and 2nd. He did not see the others after they left us and was not aware that they had been there for 10 minutes already..