Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Spring Day 1

Well the comp has started with the task committee being Davis, Andreas and Me setting a 97.5 kms triangle. The rigid had to fly a little further 120kms triangle. The weather forecast was for south winds upto 10 knts and climbs of around 600up to 5,000ftagl. The rigids launched first at 1 pm and then we followed at 1:30pm. The day started of slow due to the wet ground so the lift was light and many people were drifting away and were forced to start earlier than they liked. I waited for the last start upwind with Paris, Andreas,Robin and Bo, we had a much better start than the guys who got stuck on the ground such as kraig and glen volk. We started on our 20 mile cross downwind leg to the first turnpoint. The lift was not great but there was the odd 600 up under the good clouds. I got a little in front of the Group I was with and decided to go for a cloud upwind of the turnpoint and was rewarded with 700up to 5500 agl. Unfotunately it was a little off course and this let the guys catch back up rounding the turnpoint at the same time. We now had a 20 mile headwind leg with about 10 knts of wind to battle, this was the fate of most pilots on this leg as cloud started to thin out due to earlier overdeveloped in the area. kraigs gaggle had now caught up from behind and I had slipped back on the lead guys after taking a light climb. 10 miles out from the 2nd TP I was with Kraig and Glen Volk and mikey who was quite high above us. Clouds were thinning out but Kraig kept pushing hard and left me behind going into the last TP. I went more to the west and was rewarded with a 600 up back to base, this was looking like the last cloud around so I made sure I stayed untill base as things were not looking pomising in font. After making the last TP we had a cosswind to goal, Kraig,Robin and Glen and hit a very light climb downwind so I went for them as it was looking like a good time to have some friends around. I got there to find nothing but Zero we all were looking around and Kraig went further downwind and hit 100 up. Glen landed below us and Mikey had just come in on top after getting high upwind of the last TP. Kraig and mikey broke away and left Robin and I behind, I went for a search upwind and lost 500 feet to Robin. I was now back down to 1,500ft and groveling downwind. I spent the next hour between 800-1500 ft agl just trying to stay in the air then finally hit one that took me back up 5,500ft but I was now nearly straight downwind from goal and had 200 feet margin 8.5 miles out. I tucked my arms in and was now in dream mode. Things were not looking good 3 miles out but I then hit a different wind strength down lower and actually started getting better numbers and less sink. I just made it into the goal cylinder as did Paris not long before me. Kraig ended up beating me by 45 minutes and I was the last into goal. There were only 6 pilots in goal, Kraig,Mikey,Robin,Karl,paris and me last but not least. The rigids had only 3 in goal with johann posh wining the day by 30 minutes over Davis, and Jim lamb. So that is all I can tell you at this point maybe check later on the ozreport for the scores. Above is a picture that Jamie took just after I landed!!!!