Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flying fun.

Friday saw good weather with NW winds and cloud streets to the horizon. I talked Wazza and Wilson who had just sailed in from Cairns and they were keen for a fly. I picked the boys up from the Gold Coast Broadwater and took them to Mt Tamborine where we met Reggie, Trev, Gabor, Darren and Xavier. We set up and had a nice XC flight out to the Turf Farm. Cloudbase was about 4,000ft asl and the lift was quite good considering how much rain we have just had. After a nice flight it was time to take the boys back to their boat. Before that we decided it was worth checking out the dunes for a late arvo dune flight. We drove to North Burleigh to check out the cliffs but it was very strong and and to cross from the North. We ended up driving down to Lacey's ave near Currumbin beach and found a small little dune about 1 metre high. The wind was almost straight in but still a little off to the North. We quickly set up the Malibu and 5 mins later we were having a blast. Trevor Purcell was there and after 30 yrs of Hang Gliding finally got to fly the dunes. The smile on his face was one that I have seen before from first time dune gooning pilots. For a small dune a sweet flying Malibu and some wind you can make a average afternoon into some great fun. We played taking turns and flew until sunset before packing up and heading home. I took the boys back to their boat and climbed on board to check out Wazza's Yacht. I lost track of time as we sat on the deck checking out the view of the gold coast glitter strip from the Broadwater. I can now see that I wont be the only Malibu flying the beaches now as interest will start to spread once the pilots realize how much fun were having in the late afternoons. Here is a short Video of the beach flying.