Friday, September 17, 2010

Santa Cruz Flats Day 4

Today was a little confusing with similar weather reports as previous days we were hesitant to set a very long task. Just before the window opened clouds starting popping only about 30kms from launch in the opposite dirrection of the task. The task was changed and we had a pilot briefing under the Red Bull tent out in the field. A 83km task was set taking us upwind first to reach the clouds. I started on the last start with Kraig and Robin and a few others and soon enough we had caught the guys in front of us. Looking at the 2nd turnpoint from 9000ft. Just before the 2nd turnpoint we hit the clouds and found thermals of 1000fpm climbs to over 11,000ft. We did the 2nd turnpoint and headed back to the last turnpoint. We hit another good climb topped out to 10,500ft and went on a 36km final glide for goal. Robin was just in front of me on glide and Kraig was behind. Zippy crossed goal first with Shapiro not far behind then Robin and I and kraig just behind me. Robin will win the task 14 seconds in front of me then Kraig will be 3rd 12 seconds behind me with Derreck 4th also making the last start with us. Good day for the Moyes boys.. Here is Day 4 Video..