Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dune Gooning on the Gold Coast

I read a club email that said sunday was looking like a potential day to fly the sand dunes on the Gold Coast. It is very rare that we get a strong East wind that will allow us to do this. I have only ever had the chance once before and it sure was fun. As I was in Sydney at the time of reading the email I thought what a perfect way to test my new rebuilt Moyes Malibu. I had stripped it totally apart after taking it for a splash in the salt water at the Red Bull Flutag a few weeks ago. I had managed to get everything done on friday and was set to drive home saturday (1000km) and be prepared for sunday. Just before I went to sleep I saw that the forecast had changed and it was only going to be strong enough on Saturday afternoon. I decided on leaving at 4am after little sleep so that I could make it back to the Gold Coast in hopes of flying late in the day. I was traveling so well in the early morning without traffic until one policemen decided that I needed to donate to their Christmas hamper. He said I was in to much of a hurry and Im sure he would have been doing the same if he had ever tried flying a Moyes Malibu on the dunes before. I was making calls all the way home seeing if the weather was going to hold up and if the rain would stop. Neither was looking good so I made a detour to Byron Bay where I dropped off a hitchchiker and a repaired litespeed. I decided to meet Trevor Purcell at Currumbin to check out some dunes that he thought faced NE for future days. When I arrived there it is was pouring with rain but we had a quick look and noticed the wind was from the ENE today. After having a few looks around we found a dune at 25th ave Palm Beach which was just out of the rain and seemed to be almost perfect facing. I said to Trev lets set up the Malibu it will only take a few minutes and see what happens. Here is a short video of my first flight for the day.