Thursday, September 16, 2010

Santa Cruz Flats Day 2

With a better forecast and no high cloud we set a 116km triangle task. Things seemed better straight away with more lift around launch and pilots climbing to 6,000ft. About half the field did the first start and the rest of us did the last start at 1:40pm. We caught up to the guys in front before the 1st turnpoint except for Dustin and Shapiro who had landed in front of us after the TP. I got low with Big Jon at the turnpoint and lost the lead gaggle temporarily. I almost caught them back up after the Tp but arrived low in a cactus area. This was the most scared I have been in sometime looking down and knowing that I have only myself to blame for going so deep into the cactus. It was a great incentive to get up which I did so eventually. Larry was with me but turned back and almost landed just outside the cactus zone. Cactus Land with no where to go but up! I got as high as we had been getting just over 6,000ft and headed off after the gaggle in front to the last turnpoint. I did the turnpoint and was now on top of the gaggle. We pushed forward and all sunk out into the 16kph headwind. I tried to scratch for awhile like many others but soon realised that we were losing ground and gave up. Picacho Peak where Larry managed to glide over. Larry managed to get really high behind us just before the turnpoint which gave him enough height to get over the Mountain and climb again. He got quite high and had 2 more thermals before landing about 15kms infront of all of us. Here is Day 2 Video