Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Santa Cruz Flats Day 7

The weather was looking great with lighter winds and climbs to 10-11000 ft. We set a 94 km task with 3 turnpoints then goal back at the hotel next to the pool and Magaritas to start the celebration. We had troubles getting up early and many of us started late on the last start except for me. I had a good start and was above Kraig and Robin by a fair bit. I glided to the first turnpoint and decided to go deep into the brown area to get back up. The whole gaggle apart from the low ones came with me. Robin being one of the low ones went on course line into the green fields. He ended up landing there with a few others early in the game unfortunately. I was in front with Carl and Ben and we were pushing hard. Ben and I got low about 15kms short of the second turnpoint. We scratched for a little while before the gaggle came gliding into us. We all did the turnpoint and headed back for the last one when we stumbled across a 800fpm climb to just under 11,000ft. We were still 45kms out from goal and did not quite have final glide so we needed one more to get in. I went more left after the last turnpoint over the brown and hit a climb and the others came in below me. I left at 12:1 glide and made goal easy. I won the task and made a great finish over the hotel.. Check out the videos below. Day 7 Video Hotel Skimming Hotel Skimming Slow Motion