Monday, August 17, 2009

Brasilia Day 1

Today was the first day of the Brazilian Nationals with 70 pilots in the comp we were in for a good week of flying. Brasilia was off to its usal weather with puffy clouds filling the sky as far as you could see. They set a short 101km task with 2 turnpoints bringing us into the Esplanada for the most majical goal in the World. I started in the valley up high with Dustin and a few others and raced off down the ridge to the Waterfall. I was leading out and finding good thermals with Dustin, then we decided to cross onto the platau while some others continued on down the ridge. We got a good climb and topped out at 2800m just before the forest crossing. We glided under a cloud street all the way to the turnpoint and then headed back for the second turnpoint crosswind. Dustin and I were tip to tip gliding back for the second turnpoint to a big cloud. We hit a strong 900fpm climb to 3,000m 2.5kms from the turnpoint did the last turnpoint side by side and now had a 30km final for goal. We were picking different lines the whole way and we kept meeting back up almost side by side at the same alttitude.
Cloud streets along the course line. Just another typical Brasilia sky.
Just before the lake Dustin went more to the right and I stayed on course for my final. Dustin hit a good thermal and started to climb 13kms short I kept going knowing that I had final. He climb for a good minute then chased off after me for goal. I was doing 110kph trying to stay in front of him as he was higher and cathing me from behind. I hit big sink before the goal and had to slow up and Dustin passed me 500m before the finish line as he was higher. I just made it in above the lamp post with enough height to turn and land safely in the Esplanada. Dustin crossed about 20 seconds before me in a time of 1hr 44mins and then there was about a 15 min gap before the next pilot crossed goal. I think 28 pilots made goal with quite a few landing between the lake and goal in the last fields before the Esplanada. Looking down at the goal field along the Esplanada with the white house in the background. It was a great racing day and the weather is looking good all week long. It is an amazing place having 80 landings in the Esplanada during my last 11 comps here it still blows my mind. For scores and report in Portuguese with some nice pics check out the official blog. Official Blog Here.