Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spanish Nationals Day 8

Well we woke up to wind in the morning but once we arrived on take off we found out it was low alttitude wind. We used the SE launch today for the first time and they set a 115kms triangle task. SE Launch. I was one of the first off again and spent the next 2 hrs ridge soaring the hill at no more than 300m above takeoff. I ended up starting 1 hr after the last start hoping the conditions would get better but they never did. I went low to the 1st turnpoint where I met Blay and then we pushed hard together through the mountains to the 2nd Turnpoint. We got high in the convergence 15kms off course line and that made all the difference. We scratched on the way back to goal and could never get above 2200m in the flatlands. I glided from 34kms from goal to 14kms and ended up winning the day by 5kms over Blay Jr. My landing Field. Here is todays Video.