Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well after a 7 hr flight to Changi singapore I boarded another flight to Dubai. I was very lucky that I was on a brand new 777 300 series with only 40 people so the plane was empty. I got 4 seat to myself the whole way for the 15 hr journey. I landed in Dubai and had a quick look around and then was back on the plane again to Munich where it was snowing. I was actually lucky to make it as 60 planes were cancelled due to the heavy snow storms. They had only one runway open at a time for planes to land and takeoff from. I managed to catch the train to Corinna's House in Munich and find my way through the snow and ice covered streets to her house. It was - 10 outside and I was absoulutely freezing cold. I would like to thank everyone who gave me warm clothes for the journey as I needed all of them.. Here are some photos so far from the journey. Outside Corinna's flat this morning. There was a bit of snow as you can see..