Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Motorcross Track

Tanner all suited up and ready to ride.

Today was a Memorial Day so that meant it was time to go and have fun. We loaded up the bikes and headed down to lake Elsinore Motorcross track. I had decided that I was not going to ride to prevent any injuries and be the camera man for the day.
There were lots of riders out there with about 4 diffferent tracks to choose from depending on your skill level.

Kraig crossing up going over the doubles.

Tanner gets some air!.

Here is Kraig and Tanner jumping together!

I went to check out the Pro track to see if I could capture some good shots..

This guys is in outer space!

This guys is midway through the doubles!

These guys were jumping from right of screen and landing just off the left side of my screen. Just trying to put some perspective into the size of this jump.

Here is a quick video of one of the guys doing the 100 foot doubles!!