Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Training Week

I am helping Leroy out with his new students that started last weekend on the training hill. He has 4 new students 2 of which are just training on weekends Adrian and Ty and then there is Michael who has come up from Sydney to learn and also Michele who lives here in the area. After some really hot days at the training hill the forecast was for it to reach over 40 degrees the next couple of days. Leroy came up with this great idea to go and train at the Beach that way we can go swimming and cool off during the days training activities and not get so worn out. We mostly just did ground handling and then at the end of the day we did some hand towing along the sand. It was great for the sport with lots of interested spectators watching from highrises and people walking along would stop and watch as most of them had never seen this happening on the Beach Before. I will put some photos up when I get them!!!! Here is a pic of michele and I flying over Canungra valley just south of launch yesterday at 3,000ft.