Sunday, April 11, 2010

USA 2010

Well after a very long journey I arrived in LAX airport to find Ben Dunn waiting for me. I had a somewhat relaxing day helping Ben tune his new Litespeed RS 3.5 at Kraigs work shop.
This morning Zac Majors dropped in to drop off some gliders to go to the Florida comps. After that it was off to Tanner's Birthday party.
Tanner decided on going to the Go kart center with is friends so it was race time.
Kraig loves competition and was destined to win. Somehow I managed to beat him on our first race by 2/100's of a second getting the fastest lap.
I knew that this result was not going to last and sure enough Kraig came through and won the last race. He had the fastest lap of the day just slighty faster than my lap from the first race.
Tanner in the front with his friends behind.
We then went to CICI"S all you can eat pizza,pasta and dessert for $4:95 what a bargain.
Im off to Florida on thursday and will be ready to fly on friday at the Ridge if the weather is right.