Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 6 Classic

Finally we were going to Beechmont with a light easterly turning more north as the day goes on. We set a 88kms zig zag course with goal at lake moogerah. I pushed at launch and it took about 15 minutes before I was off and climbing. I climbed out with Blay and a few others straight in front of launch all the way to 4,700 ft asl. We got to base and had to wait for about 8 minutes to the start and then we were off heading toward Boonah T.I was out in front and then got stuck on witheren with Scott, Attila, Blay and Blinky. The ones behind got high and were now heading across to mahomet were they started climbing. Attila headed down the ridge to the south were others were climbing high, so I decided to go over the back low into the Kerry for the chicken sheads that had been in sun for the last 10 mins. High cloud just mooved in and kicked off a big thermal just for me that was quite a suprise as I was hoping to just be able to stay in the air since I was low. Ther thermal turned into a smoothe 900 fpm climb and I took it to cloud base one of the only clouds in sight. I called Enda over who was climbing in a weaker climb near mt mahomet to join me. I waited for him and then we flew together working light lift before joining the guys that had passed us earlier. The sun was out now and it was game on the pace picked up and before I knew it we were rounding the 1st turnpoint. I was in front with Enda and Missy and Attila who I had not seen for the last 40kms had now just caught up. Curt was now on top with Attila just below him and then me as we climb up over Boonah town still 25kms from the last turnpoint. Curt leaves and we stay, a minute later he hits a good climb and we race off after him and all climb up in a 400 fpm thermal. I leave from below and head down the valley toward the TP whislt the others went further left over the ridges looking for another climb. I hit it pretty good and they kept going for a bit then turned back and came in above me and we all climbed to about 4,200 ft before heading off. I hit a good climb on a small ridge 5kms upwind of the turnpoint and we climbed in a 400 fpm thermal. Once getting to about 4,000ft Curt and Attila who were higher headed for the turnpoint. We stayed to climb more and the thermal kicked, so we went to about 5,200 ft asl 2kms from turnpoint Curt and Attila who were now much lower and only just in front were looking somewhat desperate. I still had a 11:1 glide to goal so I rounded the turnpoint and headed straight line down the ridge toward goal. Enda and Missy were behind and we all just ridge soared the ridge and headed straight to goal. I arrived first a minute or so in front of Missy and Enda. Big Jon was next in about 10 minutes later then we saw one glider land about 2kms short which turned out to be Curt. About 5 minutes later Attila comes in an does not look to happy after being on top 13kms from goal and losing 15 minutes at the end. It can be a frustrating sport sometimes.. In the end 11 pilots make goal and about another 10 were within 5-6kms from goal.So a good task for the day considering the conditions. Untill safely..