Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its a small world!!

Well after a flight down to Rio de Janeiro on monday and a lovely dinner with Guga and Simone that night we had only one more sleep in to go. We then headed to the airport the next night for our journey back to LA. After checking in we had a little spare time up oursleeves so it was time to do some last minute shopping and have a quiet drink. We found this little bar upstairs in the terminal and all of a sudden we find kevin. Kevin is a paraglider pilot from Santa Barbara that we met in Andradas at the beginning of the trip and had a great night out with him and his soon to be brazilian wife. To our suprise he was there at the very same bar 3 weeks later and was about to board the same plane as us to Miami. It was so weird and then to find out that he was sitting right behind us on the plane out of 300 seats was even more amazing. We had a couple of caiparinhas before boarding the flight. We arrived in Miami where we said goodbye to Jamie our longtime roadtripper and retrieve driver and the person to get us out of trouble. It was now down to just Kevin,Chris and I for the next 6 hr leg to LAX. We all had different seats and managed to get a little bit of sleep before arriving in this completely different country. I am now just on a 12 hr layover before returning to the airport to fly back home to see all my long lost friends and family. Cant wait to find my bed after 2 months of traveling and sleeping inn different beds all the time.