Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day 1 Brasilia

Today was starting to look like a comp with a launch full of gliders and blue skys.
A 107 km task was set with 4 turnpoints before taking the final glide over the lake and into the city.

It was a little windy on launch and it took a little while to get everyone into the air. We had 1 start at 1:45pm and there was like 50 gliders there racing off. Before to long Guga and I were out in front leaving the main gaggle low and scratching before the 1st turnpoint. We rounded the turnpoint and headed for the 2nd across the forest.
We missed getting a good climb and arrived low at the 2nd turnpoint and was just dribbling in light lift. The main gagle behind us got to 3,000m and arrived really high over our heads which put them in a great position for the next crosswind leg.
Guga and I eventually found a good climb 900fpm and topped out downwind of course line. We will spend the rest of the task trying to catch up to the main gagle without any sucess.

Arriving at goal!!!

Nene will win the day in just over 2 hrs followed closely by Dustin and Andre seconds behind. Chris finished 13th and I finished 16th 10-15 minutes behind the leader. Guga got stuck and came in another 15 minutes behind me.