Sunday, September 02, 2007

Arrived in Brasilia!!

Looking south from launch.

Well after some very exciting road trips from Rio to Andradas to Brasilia we finally arrive. You can read about that on Jamies blog as I have been to busy to write to much.
I flew yesterday here in some reasonably strong winds with light conditions and still made the Esplanada quite late in the day. It is so nice to be back here flying again after having not been here for 2 years. This is one of my most favorite places to fly in the whole world for some serious racing with great pilots.
Today was a pratice day with about 50 pilots flying it was quite crowded on launch but once in the air it was fine.
I flew with Chris,Gugga,and Konrado all day today semi racing and semi free flying. It is so nice to free fly with good pilots and still have a goal that everyone is aiming for. It is only 72kms in straight line from launch to Goal at the esplanada in Brasilia. Here are a few pics that I took flying into Brasilia today. This has to be one of the most amzing goals fields you will ever get to land in.

This is the view you get when your about to go on final glide over the lake and into the city.

Across the lake and now approaching the goal field. You can start to see the wings of the town in this picture.

Arriving at Goal this picture is taken looking west down the Fuselage of the plane or otherwise known as the Esplanada.

This is looking east along the Esplanada towards the Presidents house and all the ministeries lined up on either side. The landing is at the bottom middle of the picture.

Our hotel is right below me with a swimming pool and is only 5 minutes walking from the goal field.