Monday, September 10, 2007

Brasilia Day 5,6,7

Me getting ready to take off on the last day of the comp.

Well sorry for being so slack on the blogging there just seems to never be enough hours in the day here.We had great flying the last 3 days becoming more of the normal Brasila that we all know. The wind backed off a little and we had some great big puffy clouds with strong lift. We averaged just over 100kms a day with the winners doing it between 2-2.5 hrs every day. It is amazing how good these Brazilian pilots are day in and day out. I can only imagine if we had similar weather in texas as what we have had here in this comp how much the results would have changes for the Brazilian team.
Andre flew amazing here winning 1 day and placing in the top 4 every other day. Nene won 2 task and was also in the top few all but one day. Maskara I think placed in the top 4 everyday and also won one of the days. I flew just average and always seem to make the same mistake at the end of the task.
Seems a lot of the days are won here on the last thermal and some of the guys do some strange things like go way off course line and then hit a 1,000fpm climb and win the day. I will fly with the gagle all day then try and go a different way at the end to try and beat them and I always seem to loose.
Oh well I will just have to keep coming back to this lovely country untill I can get a win under my belt.
Thanks to all the organisers who put the comp together for a highly qualified comp it runs so smoothe and stress free. Landing here in the middle of the capital city with a huge crowd, media, women, beer and to top it off pizza.

The Esplanada in all of its glory on the last day.

How much better can a hang gliding comp get a 5 minute drive home to the hotel after racing in great conditions with some of the best pilots in the world.
I would highly recomend anyone looking for a flying holiday to partake in one of the 3 Brazilian nationals it will be a holiday that you never forget.