Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Spot Landing

Well after a very big night on Redbull and Vodka we had a early morning spot landing comp. There was the top 10 pilots in the comp allowed to compete as well as a few selected pilots from different countries. It was a great morning and lots of thrill seeking landings by some of the worlds best pilots. Seppi from Austria won the event followed be Mike Glennon from Columbia then Me in Third. Kraig and I had some very interesting approaches for the spot blasting in around 120kms per hour downwind over the spot a few feet off the ground before turning around and nearly landing dead centre on the spot. photo Ben cross Unfortunatly this was not the easiest way to try and judge it and we both gained huge style points with the crowd but were not rewarded with the big prize. Oh well we decided on going half with each other to double our chances of winning and it was only me that ended up with a 100 US so I gave him half of that which was not as much as we were hoping for. However it was a great morning of fun despite the huge hang over and only a few hours of sleep in the system.