Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pre Worlds day 6

After a late night driving home from our big flight I had promised the team that if they took me to Taco bell on the way home I would wake up early and download our GPS's and set up the 4 gliders in the hangar. It was agreed on that night so when my alarm went off only 4 hrs after I went to sleep I was starting to regret the deal I had made. Anyway off I went and did the job quite fast. The Brazilians turned up to set up their gliders so I thought I would turn it into a race. I had to set up 4 gliders to their 1 and guess who won, yep it was me I managed to beat them and completed my task in 24 mins not bad comsidering I was half awake. I then went back and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel with my grandparents before returning to the airport for briefing. The day was looking far from perfect however Davis was telling us it was going to be good with climbs to 12,000 ft. I looked out the window and did not believe a word he said and neither did Gerolf who had a few words to say at the breifing. Anyway they set a task and had us all wait at the airport until 3pm before cancelling the day due to overdevelopment and rain. We then decided on having a ten pin bowling championships to finish off the afternoon. It was great fun with lots of strikes and gutter balls to keep the crowd amused.