Sunday, August 06, 2006

Flying At Last

Today was the worst day we have since we arrived here a few days ago. We went out to the airport and set up our gliders and fiddled with them to make sure that we have the best machine in the comp. It is quite a gig turn out here and it will be a hard fun comp I hope. The weather was strting to overdevelop so Chris and I decided to not to fly as we already had a nice spot in the hanger and did not want to take the chance of missing out on getting back in the hanger. We then went for lunch and returned to the airport later after thestorm had gone through. It looked to be super smoothe so I thought this would be a good time to test out my glider and make sure it was flying well. So Bobby towed me up to about 2,000 ft and I thoroughly tested out my new machine and came in for a spectacular landing right in front of the hanger. We then returned to the motel where there was a pool party and got stuck into with about 50 other pilots. We then decided to go hit the bowling alley with Attila,Jamie and we all had a blast especially Attila who had never bowled before. These guys were nice enought and let me win all 3 games for the night. I met a bunch of young local girls and boys and got chatting with them and they were telling me about this guy that was coming here from Austra;ia and all they could remember was his first name Jonny. I said wow really where did you here about that and they replied on the radio they mentioned the competition and my name I guess cause Iwon the event last year. I informed thme that I was Jonny and they were stuinned their eyes lit up and soon had a whole fan club at the bowling alley. Wow amazing I am even famous in a big country like this. Attila,Chris and I then went out for dinner at Pizza Hut and then cruised through the Walmart parking lot to see what was happening. Chris and I were thinking of taking Attila in and dressing him up in some sexy gear but we ended up just going home and taking it easy before going to slepp at 3am.