Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pre Worlds Day 3

Today was looking good again with a chance of over devolpment in the weather report they set the same task as the first day. It was interesting to see how fast you could do the same task on a differnt day. I started on the first start time with Chris,and Phil Bloom and we flew together most of the way. Chris got a little low and got left behind about 50kms out from goal. Phil and I continued on and made goal in 1hr52 mins 16 secs. Wow so I compared my time to the first day cause I knew roughly it would be very similar and I was 4 seconds slower today from the first day. I thought that was pretty cool to be that consistant just wished it was a little faster than that. Brett won the day doing the second start in 1hr 38 mins followed very closely by Attila and mascara.. &4 pilots made goal and there were a lot of smiling faces and I think tomorrow will be a lot longer task. Today it was possible to fly at least 300 kms so hopefully they will get realistic with the task and set us a big one to sort out the men from the boys..