Thursday, August 03, 2006

Leather Seats 3 Guys And A Long Drive

Well after only a few hours sleep we woke up with blurry eyes and loaded the car for the 19 hr drive to Big Spring. We left LA at 6am to avoid any traffic problems and soon were on the 10 freeway heading east to Arizona. Just before we reached Palm Springs we went through the Banning pass that host thousands of wind generators. It was 8 am in the morning and the wind was already blowing like 30 mph and I could only imagine how strong the wind gets when the desert heats up and sucks in the cool sea breeze. Here is a picture of some of the wind generators and the Banning Pass. As we arrived into Arizona we were greeted with nice puffy clouds to the horizon. As the time passed the clouds got higher and darker and there were dust devils by the dozens. Atilla’s eyes were in disbelief when he woke up and saw what the sky looked like. He said there is not even a blue hole as far as the eye can see, there must be a mountain or something we can fly off around here he mumbled in the second sentence. But when you still have like 15 hrs more of driving to go all we could do was lock the doors and think about how much good flying we were about to get in Big Spring. Here is what the sky looked like in Arizona When we got towards the New Mexico border there had been a lot of flooding over the past few days and parts of the freeway were closed and even buildings had collapsed due to the heavy rains. We stopped at Taco Bell for the first time since I had arrived and the whole roof lining was destroyed and they buckets inside trying to catch all the water that was leaking through the roof. When we reach the out skirts of El Paso on the new Mexico border there was a low lying roll cloud that had set up that spanned from horizon to horizon. It was amazing I have never seen anything like it in my life besides the famous Morning Glory in Australia. Here is the cloud in all of its glory. We then entered Texas eventually and still had like 5 hrs of driving left in some heavy rain that lasted most of the way to Big Spring. We watched a couple of movies on the computer that help pass the time and not to mention the Red Bull consumption to keep us awake. We then stopped about 50 miles out and had Subway at like 2am since we had forgotten about dinner. We finally arrived at Big Spring and checked into our motel by 3:30am but cause we had drunk so much Red Bull and we now had an Internet connection Chris and I did not get to sleep until after 5am