Thursday, August 03, 2006

last Day In LA

Well today was going to be our last day in LA before we headed out to Texas for the comp. So as you can imagine we still had a list of things to do before we set off on the long journey. We started by taking the car to a car wash and getting it detailed just down the road by some Mexicans. Once that was done we headed to Santa Monica to visit Red Bull USA and pick up some red bull for the drive out to Texas. The office was huge and I met a few of the crew and got a tour around the place, which was quite interesting. They had like a huge ramp that looked like a roller coaster that ran through the whole building that looked like you could skate it. So after we stocked up on some red bull it was time to go get a oil change for the car then pick up the Hungarian Atilla from the airport. As Chris and I arrived at the airport expecting to have a wait we walked through the doors and Atilla was just walking out from customs. We then headed back to Chris’s neighborhood to have lunch and go to Costco to pick up some batteries for the comp. We had Atilla telling us stories about his last visits to the United States and I tell you these are only stories you could expect to have seen in movies. So the afternoon was very entertaining not to mention Atilla breaking Chris’s toilet seat after taking a huge Hungarian sized dump. We were all in disbelief as this is not something that happens everyday but at the same time we were not keen to go inspect the situation. We then went out for a nice Thai dinner just down the road to finish the evening off before getting to bed just after midnight, as we had to get up at 5am to make the 19 hr drive to Big Spring. Atilla slept in Chris’s closet on the floor as his apartment is quite small however it was a 5 star accommodation compared to his last visit’s here sleeping under bridges in LA.