Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another day In LA

After a late night again we woke up after about4 hours sleep. It was off to LAX to pick up our gliders from the shipping company and bring them to the landing field. We arrived back there after some hours of driving and began opening boxes and building gliders. We spent the next 5 hours there organising stuff before heading into LA for dinner around 10pm. There were about 10 pilots flying with quite good conditions mostly soarable thermal flying similar to beechmont. This place is nearly flyable everyday unless it is raining or too windy cause the heat of the desert sucks the seebreeze in everyday but it is far enough inland that there is still thermals. It is now bedtime as we have another big day planned tomorrow and it is already 1 am here so untill then I hope all you back at home are having a great weekend with lots of good flying.