Monday, April 17, 2006

Forida ridge last day

With another strong wind prediction, they set a 90kms task to the northwest with a goal at an airport near the coast. It was a difficult day and most of the decisions were all made before the start gate. Once we started on course it was pretty well down wind as we managed to work up wind for nearly two hours before the start gate. Oleg,Brett and I all started together and I tried to go a slightly different way as I knew it would be hard to catch up 100 points on Oleg if I flew with him all day. Well it did not work out for me as I got low and they left me behind with no way to catch up before goal. Oleg will win the day followed closely by Brett and then me 10 minutes later. Once again we were sent to one of the biggest airports around the area and they were not very happy to see us. It was like Groundhog Day all over, with a very upset airport manager we manage to talk our way out without being arrested. Oleg moved into first and Brett in second with Curt slipping to third and me in fourth. We wait for the presentation only to receive a hat and some speed sleeves.. We all make the 3-hour drive back up to Quest and arrive there by midnight.