Monday, January 09, 2006

day 2

Here are a couple of Pics from the day Lukas at goal and the main gaggle!! Well with a light northerly predicted we decided on going up to the ever so scary Mt Buffalo. The task was 120kms long taking us up past Myrtleford then back to Porepunkah up to Gundowering then back to Mt Beauty airstrip. I think the whole field made the first start with Dave and I leading the pack of kids around the course again. We tried to escape them but today was not the day to go low and push hard as the others would just come in above or level everytime we tried. On the way to the 3rd turnpoint I decided to detour off course and see if they would follow sure enough they all turned 90 degrees off course and came to me as soon as they got there I turned and flew back toward the turnpoint. Dave was just behind me and went straight to take advantage of the situation as he was laughing his head off on the radio. He could not believe how much the guys were following me. Once rounding the last turnpoint we all dove onto the Keiwa wall, it was pretty light lift down low but if you were patient it kicked nad those that waited were rewarded. I was not patient and kept trying to push low untill I figured out what was happening. Dave went on a 13:1 final and managed to beat the Hungarian mafia in by a few seconds. Steve was next in just a few seconds in front of me then came Gerolf amonst others not far behind. It was a great day I think there were like 44 pilots in goal out of 70 so lots of smiling faces around the goal field.