Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 4

Today was forecast to be a moderate northerly so we went up to Mystic hill again. As the weather was looking like rain for tomorrow we decided on setting a longer task to wear out the pilots. After some long discussions we decided on a 134 kms task with a 56kms leg to start with into about a 25km/hr headwind. It was was of the most difficult days to get away from Mystic with the lead pilots struggling to stay up. Eventually I got up and crossed over to Mt Porpunkah where I topped out just in time for the first start with about 10 other pilots. We ran down the ridge to Myrtleford getting good climbs to 27oo metres before heading out towards Millawa on the flats where the first turnpoint was. I did a long glide of about 15kms and was rewarded with a 900 up and quickly joined by the rest of the gaggle. We all topped out and Atilla lead out on a straight line and I went more up wind for another cloud which payed off and caught me back up to the lead again. After rounding the turnpoint I hit a light climb and stayed for a while to see if anyone else was going to have a dig. Eventually Atilla left and the others followed I went more downwind for a cloud and hit a solid 800 up. Rohan and Andreas joined me along with Olli and Atilla now 1,000 ft lower. I left the climb early which turned out to be the big mistake of the day. Lucky for me, Rohan and Andreas came with me but Olli and Atilla stayed. We got low on Myrlteford hill and spent 20 minutes before getting up. I slowly watched the others passing to our north at cloudbase and knew then that they would be un-catchable before the end. We topped out at 3200m(9987 ft) and headed off for the last turnpoint at Kancoona South, I had a slightly better glide than the Climax and Talon and once rounding the turnpoint I realised thanks to my 4030 race that I had final glide into Mt Beauty. We ran down the western side of the Keiwa and made final easy. This turned out to be a 41kms final glide I think one of my longest finals I have ever done. Atilla will take the day again in 2 hrs 45 mins followed by Philthy, Olli, Lenny then me. There were 16 pilots that made it and now the Hungarian Mafia has been split up cause Balaz landed at the last turnpoint.. I will move into 2nd place behind the hun and Olli is now 3rd with Philthy in 4th..