Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 2

The french combat team in style!!! As a wake up I see the trees swaying from side to side knowing that it was not looking good. I went to the task briefing with Davis and Glen and we checked the weather out only to find out that it was similar to yesterday but predicted to pick up to over 20 knts later in the day. We struggle to come up with a task and soon decide that we would only have to fly 30 miles out and return to make it hard enough to have only a few finishers. I also thought that this might tell the pilots that we should not fly today. everything went ahead and all the pilots were out on the runway all lined up to go and I was sitting in the clubhouse with my glider still packed laying down stairs on the ground. I eventually went out to the launch line to see what was happening and to double check that I should not be setting up. After some strong gust came through I was convinced I had done the right move and soon later the safety committee called the day off.