Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spanish Nats Day 7

Task seven of the Spanish open provided a 65km predominately downwind task with a very tricky start due to overdevelopment and rain along the ridges. After flying near launch for nearly an hour and thermalling with some people who don’t understand the importance of providing some space when thermalling a wet glider in light lift, I managed to make the 4pm start gate (the second last start gate). I worked to an upwind position at the entry start gate so I could fly onto the first turnpoint and then complete the second 5km upwind leg before the downwind 55km final leg. I came around the second turnpoint low but managed to find a thermal shortly thereafter and drift down the course line until gained sufficient height. I ended up winning the day with a time of one hour eleven minutes – 52km/h average. I’m now in second place overall.