Monday, July 25, 2005

Spanish Nationals

Dave seibs sends me an update, On task five, we flew a 105km triangle. Kiki, the current winner of the competition, and I left the start gate at the same time. I went straight along the course line on the flats, while Kiki went back to the hills. He caught up with Amir (from Israel) and myself at second turnpoint. I led out to the third turnpoint and was rewarded with a booming 4-5 metre thermal to 3200m, leaving on the fifty km glide to the fourth turnpoint. I hit it low for the downwind 15km final glide and had to take a light thermal to get enough height. Kiki came in over the top having found a good thermal prior to the turnpoint. He beat me into goal by seven minutes. The next day was cancelled due to strong winds. I flew anyway and flew 30kms up wind over some challenging terrain before returning to Arcones. Task six was a 78km task with tough 20km headwind final. No-one made goal this day due to the wind. I came third for the day landing 5kms short. I made the mistake of stopping to climb in crap and drifting two kilometers downwind. If I’d kept going I would’ve got second, however you’ve got to have a go. I’m now in third place overall, 300 points behind Kiki. For full comp results click here