Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mexico Adventure

After my short flight today one of my teeth starting hurting really bad. We were told that the only place that could be open on the weekend was in Mexico so we jumped in the car and raced down there. Once arriving in this small town and finding the dentist we pulled in to read the sign that says CLOSED, wow all of a sudden it starting hurting even more. We decided since we had driven this far we should in our broken Spanish if there were any other dentist intown that might be open. Yes there was another so we got directions and he was open I tried not to smile to much as it hurt. We went in there and saw that it was a home practice with some equipment from the 1980's but I was not complaining.. I only started complaning when i found out my only real choice was to remove the tooth, So be it I thought and 1 hour later and one big tooth missing we were on our back to America. On the way we had to cross over the big Falcon lake and there were I think vultures everywhere soaring the dam wall so I snapped this picture.