Monday, May 02, 2011

Florida Ridge Day 2

Today was looking like a better day but stronger winds than yesterday. The task was a 122km dogleg to the north west which would be a cross tailwind task. A bunch of us decided to do the 2:30pm start as we were getting blown out of the start gate. I was with Dustin, Jeff and Andre for most of the first leg getting some good climbs of 800 fpm to 6,000ft. I got a bit low at the 1st turn point and Dustina and Zac got out in front. I spent the rest of the day with Andre and Jeff amoung a few others who we had caught up along the way from earlier starts. Dustin loks like he will win another day with Zac hot on his tail a few seconds behind. Jeff Shapiro will be next in about 4 mins later with me and Andre about a minute or so behind him. I think around 25 to 30 pilots made the task some for there first time ever. Congratulations Fabiano from Brazil for his first goal coached the whole way by Mike Barber.. The weather looks good tomorow with winds predicted of around 8-10knts. Below is the Video from Day 2