Friday, April 30, 2010

Flytec Rally Day 5

With a light SE wind predicted a 109km task to Williston was called with blue stable conditions things were going to be hard. I went up just as launch opened in the Dragonfly to see if there was much lift and I did not find much above 2,000ftagl. The task comittee decided on adding 2 more start times so that we could wait for the low inversion to break. I flew for nearly 1 hr in the start gate before taking the last start at 3,500ft agl. I was on top of the stack and was trying not to lead out but I had drunk a Red Bull shot just before I launched. I soon found myself out in front and pulling the gaggle for the next 50kms or more. I had one bad glide getting low with Carl and had to stay in the air as the huge start gaggle caught up. We climbed up slowly and soon found ourselves in the same gaggle that I had just been trying to get away from. I soon figured out that leading out was not working for me but as I fly around staring death in the eyes in this out of control gaggle I soon leave again. It was pretty much a gamble on the finish and it was a matter of being in the right spot at the right time to win. Jeff O,Brien seemed to be on final some 1,000ft higher than the rest of us and landed 5 miles short. Ben Dunn was also high and had a good chance and got very low nearly landing just before goal. Dustin, Zac and a few others were below Ben and stopped in light lift to avoid getting low. Filippo and Carl were above me and glided off and hit a 200fpm climb about 12kms out from goal and soon they were on final. I was lower and chased after them but had to stop also before goal and climb. Filippo crossed the goal line first with Carl just behind then James Stinnett. I will come in 5th and Dustin will finish 17 seconds behind me and Zac another 10 second behind Dustin. About 30 pilots made goal which was quite amazing given the challenging conditions. Day 5 Video