Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gulgong Classic Day 1

The weather this year is looking fantastic for some great flights. There is about 25 pilots here in the comp and everyone is ready to commit some combat in the sky. I am blessed to have Tim here from America to drive for me and the boys for the week. Todays weather was looking great with 10-15knts SSW winds and cloudbase over 10,000ft agl. We the task committee Atilla, Curt and I decided on a 139km triangle, Knowing we could have gone more than 300kms downwind it was hard to convince Atilla to come back. I have been a little sick the last couple of days and today was no different. I tookoff and broke a weakling at just over 200ft and somehow manged to get up. I climbed out with Curt to about 8000ft. I then pushed upwind in the start to get a good position and did the 2nd start with Dave May, Curt and Rodrigo. I had a reasonable run to the first turnpoint and then nealy caught Atilla who had done the 1st start. I had one bad glide and Atilla got away and the others came in above me including some that had done the 3rd start. The day was just getting better and that turned out to be the best start for the day. I got low near last turnpoint and after being quite sick all day and dizzy I decided I just wanted to make goal. I did not have the energy to pack my glider up so I scratched as much as I just wanted to be on the ground. I eventually got back nice and high and did a 27km final back to goal at the airstrip. On final my ears felt like they were going to explode and I still can not hear. Hopefully tomorow I will feel better. Only 6 pilots made goal with I think either Curt or Scott Barrett winning the day.