Thursday, October 02, 2008

Morning Glory

After setting out from home 2 weeks ago in search for the Moning Glory roll cloud, we arrived home without flying one. We managed to see 2 Morning Glory's but they were all out to sea. Mark the photographer managed to get onto one of the Glory's with Jamie in the trike and turned the engine off soaring around. Here is some pictures of the only Morning Glory that Mark and Jamie got to fly in the Trike. I set up my glider in the dark every morning at 5:30am waiting for the sun to rise to see if there was a Morning Glory on the horizon. Here is a picture of me looping over the salt flats near Burketown. The Salt flats are tidal and therefor create amazing tree like images through the salt flats. We had some very crazy adventures there in Burketown including crocodile catching in the river, training a sea eagle to eat fish that we caught, dragon flying and exploring the salt flats and rivers. Or even just hanging out at the Local Pub. For more Pictures check out Incite Images