Monday, May 01, 2006

Vegemite Suprise

Well After a suprise earlier this year at Tocumwal in Kraig and mines vegemite, I was almost destined not to eat it again. We found 2 large very hard chunks of who knows what in our vegemite one night and were very upset that we had been betrayed after all of the love we have given this product. We returned it to Kraft and they sent out a gift basket in return for the inconvience. We especially Kraig was not convinced this would cure our problem as it was now a trust issue with the company.

Well after growing up all of my life on it I thought well it must have been a vary rare thing and I am willing to try it again. Especially since I was about to embark on a journey to America then to Japan which is where I really wanted the vegemite for as it is not the easiest country for me to eat in.

So I went out just before I left and bought a jar of vegemite and took it with me eating it most days in Florida, I began to build up some trust again. Well I am almost to the bottom of my jar of vegemite this morning and I am using the back of a plastic spoon as a knife and I hit a hard chunk of something.I thought for a minute that I was having flash backs and this could not be possible that the very next jar I bought had another foreign object in it. So I kept digging, as I was already half way through my sandwich I decided I would finish it before I dug this thing out. Ok I am finished now I build up the courage to dig it out and this thing is hard, I thought maybe it was glass or something, I finally got it out all covered in vegemite and washed it off to find out that it was a little monkey...

Umm not sure what he was doing in my vegemite but it was somewhat a relief to know possibly that it is some kind of kraft suprise. All that I can hope for now is that this little guy is worth a lot of money maybe he is the only one in like 1 billion jars, who knows I will be looking into it when I return home next week..

So there is a picture of him for all of you...