Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 2

The conditions today were unsure so they waited untill the last minute to decide the task. I t was decided on a 55kms closed course with 4 turnpoints then landing back at the main landing field. With my result from the previous day I had to wait for a while before I could get to takeoff and it only left me with little time for the start. I ended up having to take the 3rd start which was not to bad except I got stuck low between the first and second turnpoint for about 30 mins. I kept watching everyone just flying over the top of me but I knew patience was the key otherwise i would end up landing again. Once I got back up I did the 3rd turnpoint and got high then glided to the 4th and straight into goal finishing 11th over the line. The early guys had a good run and will be 10 minutes faster than me who ended up 8th place for the day. koji Diamond san won the day and has now moved up to 6th from 25th yesterday, Iam now in 12th and seeking to climb the ladder in the upcoming days. The flying here is a little different, it seems a little hit and miss and I think some local knowledge plays a part in it. I have flown here once before but it was to long ago to remember those little secrets that help you along the course. Being that the task length is so short it means that you can not race to hard cause if you get stuck there is no time to try and catch back up before the finish. I think I am going to have try some different strategies cause the ones I am using don't seem to be working that well.