Friday, April 28, 2006

Windsports Flight School

Here is the garage that stores all of Windsports customers gliders. I think there over 200 gliders inside so if you come here without a glider I am sure you would be able to find one to fly just open up 1 of the 10 roller doors and take your pick. windsports is one of many hang-gliding schools that operates on the outer edges of Tokyo. These schools are very impressive as they all lie at the base of the flying site and each school looks after the past and present students. Because Tokyo is such a big city and cost a lot to live in many pilots don't have a car and they reley on their school to look after them. So the average weekend for a Japanese pilot would be to jump on a train for a 1:30 mins ride out from the city to their local flying site. Once they arrive they will spend the whole weekend here enjoying flying and flying related activities, drinking etc.. All their flying equipment is stored here on site at which ever school they belong to, that makes it easy on them and for their equipment. Windsorts I think is the second largest school in the area teaching many Kamikaze pilots to commit aviation and follow their dreams. This atmosphere here is just great it is like one big family every weekend and it feels like there is a lot more than just the flying they come for. When it comes to sleeping it is like one massive slumber party, you just grab a futon some blankets and find some floor space and get cosy next to the fire or big screen T.V.