Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flytec Rally Day 2 and 3

Day 2 The forecast of strong winds slowly picking up as the day went on to around 25knts did not encourage me to set up early. I waited to see if the forecast was right and sure enough it was slowly picking up every hour. The task comittee called a 67kms crosswind task and everyone else was out staging their gliders. Just before the first pilot was about to launch they decided on movig the times back 30 mins and see if the winds would continue to strengthen. I decided that I should go and at least bring my glider out to the east end of the runway on top of the car incase things improved. Eventually after some discussion they day was cancelled and freeflying was even called off. Day 3 I set up early in the morning with forecast of lighter winds and the plan to doing some video shots with Bobby. After I set up I soon found that my harness was eleswhere and that I could not fly early to do the video's. The task comittee came up with a 87km cross-headwind task to John Travolta's airstrip to our north. As the window opened up the wind was quite strong very smilar to yesterdays condition but we were flying. About 30 pilots towed up and flew around for sometime trying to stay upwind in the start circle. Most of the priorty pilots were still on the ground as we could see that it was going to be an adavtage to tow just as the start gates opened in hope of stronger lift and better positioning. After about 30 mins of some wild towing and the lack of pilots in the air being able to go forward all but 2 pilots returned to the field. It was quite evident at this point that pilots were not keen to fly as the task was impossible for the conditions we had. Unfortunately we had no other choice as Orlando airspace is downwind in a strong west wind. The pilots that flew away landed 7 kms from the airfield inside the start circle. I just spoke to them and they said it was very turbulent and the glide was around 3:1 all the way to the ground. It was decided after a vote that we stay here and fly tomorrow as the forecast is for lighter winds again from todays. Lets wait and see if this is the case. I also have misplaced my camera here in the clubhouse so at this point I have nothing to use for filming anymore. It looks like you might have to live without video's and photo's from me for the rest of the rally. It is a sad day for Jonny..