Tuesday, April 20, 2010

florida Ridge Day 3

Well after thinking we were not going to fly today we woke up to low cloudbase and sun shining through. I arrived at 11am to find a 48km dogleg task called cross downwind. I was the last to set up as usal and towed 20 mins before the 1st start was to tick over. I released and climbed up with Jeff Shapiro to cloudbase which was only 3,400ft agl. It was very wet after so much rain the last 2 days that I was not sure which would be the best start. Being such a short task I knew that arrival points would be a huge advantage and th etask would be devalued due to time and distance. I decided on doing the first start and Shapiro was smart and followed me leaving his Wills Wing crew behind. I did a long glide and hit a 400 fpm thermal the best climb of the day and topped back out 14kms from TP 1. Shapiro was just below me and we headed off getting low and groveling for awhile just before the turnpoint with Larry Bunner who had also started with us. I eventually found a 300fpm climb got the turnpoint and headed off crosswind to a cloud and hit 400 fpm again. I nearly topped out but left early thinking I would need another thermal as my Final glide was still set to Brasil heights. Jeff went more downwind under the cloud and got a better line and came in above me. I stopped for a climb about 13kms out hoping that Jeff might stop and turn which might give me the chance to catch back up. Instead doing the smart move he kept going and hit more lift in front leaving him on final glide. I followed from behind but a bit lower and will finish 1-2 mins behind him. Larry was the next one into goal about 15 mins later then Dustin who did the 2nd start will be 4th in 10 mins slower than our elapsed time which was around 52 mins. Carl walbank will be next in just in front of Zippy and O, brien, they all did the last start and will be a similar time to Dustin. About 15 pilots made goal in the end and those that outlander Im sure at least a handful of them will be very wet. Here is a quick video I made from Dustin's camera at goal as my mine was flat. UNfortunately he had it on the low resolution so the quality is not that great. CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.