Thursday, May 01, 2008

Photos Santa Cruz Flats

Here is Andre Wolf flying his winning Litespeed RS 4 in the dry cactus land that surrounds our green gold course.

The comp (clown) I mean organiser Dustin who did a fantastic job getting so many pilots out to the dust bowl. I hear he is working with the 5 star resort to make a dust free comp next year. I am definately going to look forward to that as that is the only draw back to the comp.

Day 1:
This turned out to be one of our better days getting consistent strong climbs to around 8,000ft asl. I started on the 2nd clock with a big Brazilian crowd and Andre and I were out in front for the first leg. Andre got away from me after the turnpoint as he dove low into the green fields and was rewarded with a good climb. I did not get the good climb and slipped behind the lead guys.
Arriving at the 2nd turnpoint I saw the lead guys had caught up with the first starters and were high heading back into the 20kph headwind toward goal. I rounded the turnpoint and started on a long glide with Kraig and Robin. We were forced to take a light climb and drift back before getting back to 8,000ft asl. I was on top and headed slightly more to the left of course line while the others stayed on course. I had a couple more climbs then went on final glide for goal. Kraig and Robin landed 7 kms short of goal and only 12 made it all together.
Andre was the fastest finishing a couple of seconds behind Dustin who took the 15 minute earlier start. I was 7th for the day losing 150 points to Andre on day1.