Friday, May 09, 2008

Old Friends

Sid Taberlay, Australia's best mountain bike rider!!

I went and visited my friend Sid from Australia this morning. Sid and I first met at the airport on the way to Giants Of Rio in 2003. Sid was the guy who had the hardest part of the race and did exceptionally well making it all possible for us to win. Since then I have run into him only once which was at Bogong Cup 2 years ago. We have been talking through this lovely thing called skype and have been sharing stories from around the world.
He mentioned that he had just moved to Pasadena which is about 40 mins from where I am staying. So this morning I went and visited him and we went for a late breakfast and shared some LA stories. It was so nice to be hanging around an Australian fresh off the boat. He will be based her for the next 2 years in between his travels.