Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun at El Mirage

Kraig and Tanner with all the gear on.

Kraig gets air, (well a little)

Today we woke up early and made the 1.5 hr drive out to the salt flats of El Mirage.
We had a posse of bikes including the new editioned Raptor 700 quad bike. Kraig had his 450 CRF and Tanner had his XR 100 and I got to ride the new toy. We rode around for hours and even watched a little bit of time trails on the dry lake. One motorbike rider hit 360kph or 220mph leaving a huge dust trail behind him. A lot of people come out here to ride and drive their experimental machines at full throttle.

We then went and did some riding up in the hills around the lake.

The drag strip where people go crazy.

This is a view of the lake from the mountain we rode up. Double click the picture and you will see the line of cars surrounding the drag strip.

Here is our tracklog of our riding today. As you can see the dry lake is quite big and the hills around have lots of tracks.

Here is a video of Kraig on the quad I was riding.