Sunday, May 06, 2007

Day 5

After a nice relaxing few days in Columbus it was time to start driving again. Our first stop was only a couple of hours up the road at Graceland. This town is the home of Elvis and apparently we could not drive by without checking his place out.

Here we are standing in front of Elvis's house in Graceland.

We did the Elvis tour through his house which was kind of cool to see how bad of taste he really had. I guess he was so popular he could have done anything he wanted and still he would have a house full of girls.

After some lunch it was time to get back on th road and continue our drive to Oklahoma City where we would be spending the night at David Glover's parents house.
About 7 hours later we arrived at Hyla and Toms house with a big warm welcome.

This is a storm that we drove through just before we arrived.

We had some dinner there and learned some more interesting things about david that we did not know. Tom is an architect and their house was really nice almost as nice as their hospitality. We had a great night and I will be sure to return whenever I am in the area.

Here is a picture of Tom,Jamie,Hyla and I at their house..