Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 4

The sky the last few days here has been awesome looking with puffy clouds around 10,000ftagl.It is killing us not having our gliders here and having no way to get in the air. We have to find things to do to keep our mind off the sky.
We decided to go looking for shark teeth in the banks of the river today. We put the boat in the water out at the farm and went upstream in search of shark teeth. As we were cruising up the river I could not help but notice how this river would also be perfect for a boat towing operation.

We found a spot in the river where Chris used to go looking for sharks teeth so we pulle dup on the shore and began hunting. It was like going treasure hunting looking for teeth buried in amongst the river banks. I was the first one to find one and jamie said that we would not leave untill she had found one. About 15 minutes later Chris found one and Jamie was still empty handed.

After searching for about 1 hour we were convinced (well Jamie was anyway) that there was no more shark teeth left here. So we left with only 2 teeth as it was starting to get late. We did a little more cruising around the river before returning to the farm.

Here we are cruising down the river!!!

Here I am standing on the bow about to fall in the river!!

Here are the teeth that Chris and I found but we are still missing one...